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Life Lesson EP Out Now


Stream: “Cuffin The Doe”

Influenced by the likes of Pimp C and Curren$y, Lockhart, Texas artist Pimpin Change drops go-getter anthem “Cuffin The Doe.”  The energetic, trap-tinged offering dedicated to stacking and spending is a standout track set to drop alongside his latest self-produced EP Life Lessons. Filled with punchy delivery and a well-crafted beat, the track serves as a crucial reminder of determination and focus in a world filled with constant distractions. Pimpin Change will also be performing at Austin’s renowned Come and Take It venue in anticipation of the project.

Release Information:

Release Title: Cuffin The Doe
Release Date: 06-03-2022
Label: Country Dreams Ent.
Artist Name: Pimpin Change
Location: Lockhat/Texas, United States
Genre: Rap
Subgenre: Hip-Hop
Cloud Rap
Format: EP
Type: Video


Download Photos & Artwork: Download
Photo Credit: HensBread

About Pimpin Change:
Pimpin’ Change – also known as Jeremy Hill – first developed this sonic understanding in the 6th grade, where he played the trumpet in the school band. The band director restricted the students’ musicality to playing a strict set of songs that may be considered classics by some but, for Jeremy, failed to deliver the exuberant inner tingling that he knew music could provide. He craved a sense of connection to the art he was consuming, and soon found himself forming musical bonds with artists whose words resonated with him: deeply emotional storytellers like Z-Ro, expressive innovators like DJ Screw, ambitious rebels like Pimp-C. Together they form a pyramid of Jeremy’s greatest creative inspirations.
Pimpin’ Change means making the most out of every situation, good or bad. To be the architect of your outcomes. To turn lemons into lemonade. “I’m not going to pimp somebody else out of something,” he said. “I’m going to pimp my own change.”
Though certain songs and genres didn’t appeal to him as a 6th grader, his perspective changed once he started taking audio engineering courses at Temple Community College. There, he was exposed to theatrical scoring, classical music, and symphonic arrangements, all of which inspired him to take his work to another level. He now produces, writes, records, mixes, and masters all the music he releases on his record label, Country Dreams Entertainment, incorporating more complex sounds into his soul stirring artistry.